High speed plasma lighting

This is a video we shot using an air pistol fired at various soft things.

The last shot of the pellet coming out of the muzzle is shot at 10,000 frames per second.

As you can see , totally flicker free ...

What Makes Gavo Light Special?

Technical Specifications

Gate 1 - Barn Doors

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Secure fitting

Gate 2 - Egg Crate/ Filter

  • Egg Crate Cassette
  • Filter Cassette

Gate 3 - Lenses

  • Frosted Spot
  • Medium
  • Wide
  • Flood
  • Super Flood


Gavo Light has a side mounting accessory delivery system

You have 3 indivisual access gates that are individually locked in place, this allows you to swap any accessories safley without any possibiity of (for example) the barn doors falling out.

Double Lock System

There is a double safety feature on locking the gates shut; the initial one is the push lock & pull toggle release and the second is a bolt.

Both are leashed to the light at all times so can’t be lost and the bolt fail safe protects against improper push locking of the gates. Especially when lights are often hung above crew and cast.

The Gavo light is perfectly balanced
Allowing effortless pan or tilt.

Due to the cool running of the fixture , we can use cork friction pads locking the tilt without any after bounce you get with most hot running lights as they have to use high temperature pads and as a result have less friction.

Light Measurements

LUX comparison

  • Gavo light is equivalent to artificial sunlight
  • Power consumption is 6.2amps at 240v / 50 hertz per unit
  • Rugged design to cope with the on set conditions
  • Dimmable up to 50%
  • ON/OFF switch and locking power connector
  • 8 meter high voltage header cable
  • Will not interfere with Wifi as the casing prevents any interfering waves escaping.
  • Electrodeless, no filament within the bulb, gas mix instead.

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